Vendor List

There are far more relevant vendors than we could possibly list, but we offer this list as a starting point for anyone who is looking to buy bonsai trees, bonsai materials, books, magazine, pots, tools or anything else related to bonsai. Note that this is not a list of recommended vendors, and the Bonsai Society of New Haven does not attest to the quality of these vendors, their goods or the quality of their services. Rather, these are vendors that some of our members have had experience with. We suggest that you ask members for the club for their individual recommendations, perhaps even regarding vendors listed below.

Note that many of the listed vendors --those listed list an asterisk-- carry a wide variety of bonsai goods. They listed below in the categories that our members have the most experience with them.


Bonsai Material/Nurseries

*Bonsai West (Littleton, MA)
Comstock Nursery (Old Saybrook, CT)
*New England Bonsai (Bellingham, MA)
*Sanctuary Bonsai (East Hartford, CT) 



*Stone Lantern



American Bonsai Society
Bonsai Focus
International Bonsai


Bonsai Soil

Bonsai Jack (pumice and lava rock)
*Bonsai Vision (mix or akadama)


American Bonsai
*Bonsai of Brooklyn
California Bonsai (masakuni)
*Natures Way Bonsai
Wee Tree



*Bonsai Outlet (Sarah Raynor pots & plastic training pots)
Clam Alley Pottery (Riverside, RI)
Eagleville Bonsai
Iker Bonsai Pots
MC2 Pottery
Whistling Fish Pottery


Annealed Cooper Wire

Adams Bonsai 
Deer Meadow Bonsai


Automated Watering 

Drip Works



Shoreline Bonsai
Stands and Stones

The Bonsai Society of Greater New Haven has a number of auctions through the year, where one can often find excellent prices on used bonsai goods.