201 8                        Calendar (Summary)

Date Day Event Topic Location Time
Jan—8 Tuesday Meeting John Kirby—Proper Wiring Edgerton Park 7:00pm
Feb-19 Tuesday Meeting Josh Gendron—Trees reaction to Light Edgerton Park 7:00pm
Mar-12 Tuesday Meeting John Romano—Pot Selection Edgerton Park 7:00pm
Apr-16 Tuesday Workshop Peter Keane—Workshop Edgerton Park 10am-4pm
Apr-16 Tuesday Meeting Peter Keane—Grafting and Air layering Edgerton Park 7:00pm
Apr 12-14 Weekend Exhibit Mid Atlantic Bonsai Society Hershey, PA See website See website
Apr 28 Sunday Mini-Show Cherry Blossom Festival New Haven 12-4:30pm
May-14 Tuesday Workshop Kris Springer—Workshop Edgerton Park 12:30-4:30pm
May-14 Tuesday Meeting Kris Springer - Yamadori Edgerton Park 7:00pm
Jun 1-2 Weekend Exhibit BSGNH Annual Exhibit Edgerton Park 10am-4pm
Jun-1 Saturday Banquet/Auction Annual BSGNH Banquet/Auction Playwright 6:30pm
Jun-11 Tuesday Meeting Open Member workshop Edgerton Park 5pm-9pm
Jun-29 Saturday Workshop Alexander Hoffman—Beginners Workshop Edgerton Park 10am-4pm
Jul-16 Tuesday Workshop Tyler Sherrod Dan Moore's 10:30am-4:30pm
Jul-16 Tuesday Meeting Tyler Sherrod Edgerton Park 7:00pm
Aug 3 Saturday Picnic Picnic - Young Choe Asprelli's 12-5pm
Aug 4 Sunday Workshop Young Choe - Kusamono Hoffman's 1-4pm
Aug-17 Saturday Mini-Show Milford Oyster Festival Milford Green 10am-6pm
Sep-14 Saturday Meeting Open Member workshop Josh Gendron’s 9am-4pm
Sep-15 Sunday Mini-Show Sunday In The Park Edgerton Park 11am-5pm
Oct-8 Tuesday Meeting 75%-25% Auction Edgerton Park 6:30pm
Nov-12 Tuesday Meeting Tony Alario—Literati Style Edgerton Park 7:00pm
Dec TBD TBD Meeting/Party Holiday Party TBD TBD