201 7                        Calendar (Summary)

Date Day Event Topic Location Time
Jan 10 Tuesday Meeting/Workshop Jack Hoover II (hands on pot coloring) Edgerton Park 7:00pm
Feb 16 Thursday Meeting John Kirby: Topic TBA Edgerton Park 7:00pm
Mar 14 Tuesday Meeting John Romano: The Right Pot Edgerton Park 7:00pm
Apr 11 Tuesday Meeting/Workshop Mark Comstock (hands on grafting & air layering) Edgerton Park 7:00pm
Apr 29 Saturday Workshop Free Member Workshop Old Lyme, CT 1pm-4pm
May 9 Tuesday Workshop Mauro Stemberger Asprelli's 1pm-4pm
May 9 Tuesday Meeting Mauro Stemberger Edgerton Park 7:00pm
Jun 3-4 Sat-Sun Show Club Show Edgerton Park 10am-4pm
Jun 11 Sunday Workshop John Romano Sanctuary Bonsai 9am-4pm
Jun 13 Tuesday Meeting/Workshop Open Member Workshop Edgerton Park 7:00pm
Jun 18 Sunday Mini-Show N.H. Arts and Ideas Festival N.H. Green 11am-5pm
Jul 11 Tuesday Meeting Juan Andrade Edgerton Park 7:00pm
Jul 15 Saturday Workshop Juan Andrade Hlousek's 11am-4pm
Aug 12 Saturday Workshop Pedro Morales Hlousek’s 11am-4pm
Aug 13 Sunday Meeting Annual Picnic (w/Pedro Morales) Asprelli's 11am-5pm
Sept 10 Sunday Meeting/Workshop Meeting / Free Member Workshop Kingsville Grower 9am-5pm
Sept 17 Sunday Mini-Show Sunday in the Park Edgerton Park 11am-5pm
Oct 10 Tuesday Meeting 75%-25% Member Auction Edgerton Park 6:30pm
Nov 14 Tuesday Meeting Member Presentation(s) Edgerton Park 7:00pm
Dec TBD Saturday Meeting Holiday Party Asprelli's TBD
Jan 9 Tuesday Meeting Bonsai Tree Diseases & Management TBD 7:00pm